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Viktor Krum [userpic]

September 23rd, 1997 (11:58 pm)

... Hallo, Hermione Greetings Salu

Hallo, Nattering Network? This is strange work, this spellwork by the Weasley siblings Fred and George.

So, I was given this Nattering (is that what you call it?) at Christmastide last year, but Hermione has no you know, work is very busy and it is hard to sometimes pick it up and all of you and such.

So. What does one do with this Nattering, it seems quite strange.

Also, this is Viktor Krum, but maybe you know this by how I sign? I am not sure.


Posted by: Ron Weasley! (illbeaknight)
Posted at: September 25th, 2005 05:09 am (UTC)

ah. i was wondering when we'd be seeing you, since hermione gave this thing to you last year and i thought maybe you'd take it as some kind of sign which is clearly was NOT because this was before she and i were seeing each other, i mean, we do see each other. every day. because i am at hogwarts, for her, around the clock every day until the day i graduate when, i fully plan on still being there for her because we are DATING and often, involved in this dating is snogging, which we enjoy, as an activity, frequently. because she's my girlfriend. and one of my best mates. and i've been there for her since first year and although it was nice and everything for you to come in fourth year, you still had to go back to wherever you went, and we, we stayed here because this is where we go to school. TOGETHER. just don't get any fancy ideas saying. but welcome to the network. fred and george have probably already seen this, but i'm sure they'd be pleased as punch to have you around, not that the rest of us aren't, because i'm pretty sure most of us are, though some less than others and definitely some of us do not have time to spend nattering that often anymore because we are very busy SNOGGING.

Posted by: Viktor Krum (veeektor)
Posted at: September 25th, 2005 05:15 am (UTC)


That is nice to know of you to say, this welcome, comrade. I would not want you to think that I had any forward ideas by getting onto this Nattering and possibly just talking to Hermione because perhaps we are friends too, even though I am having to live in Bulgaria because visas, they are hard to get and I have a job here that is very important for things, so I must talk through letters.

Yes. As you say, pleased as punch to have you tell me this, comrade, pleased as punch.

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